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Daniel Frost

Posted on May 06 2016

Daniel Frost is an artist who is fixated with odd people and strange situations. Through simple imagery, he reinterprets his observations in an imaginative and playful way. Craftsmanship is at the heart of his work, using a combination of traditional materials and digital technology, Daniel's work creates a blend of modern imagery with the delicate qualities of traditional mediums.

Looking at Daniel Frost's illustrations is like looking at the work of a French illustrator in some way. Perhaps it's the way the whimsical characters seem to zoom past, narrowly missing each other in their simplified but busy world that feels reminiscent of a Jacques Tati film.

However Frost's work manages to inhabit any setting he chooses; be it his award winning version of Gulliver's Travels, in which the characters traverse to the four different islands, represented by four different books. Or the wacky, wiggly world of Frostville; a town of Frost's imagination that is the location for the chaotic caper of a boy and his dog, the subject of Frost's first children's book, Atop A Hill in Frostville.


Despite the simplicity of Frost's style, his characters are actually incredibly astutely observed, none more so that in his interpretations of London hair trends in the Hoxton Mini Press book Haircuts of Hackney.

Featuring styles with names given such as "Kingsland Basin", "Queensbridge Quiff" and "Beardway Market", Haircuts of Hackney pairs colourful, clean, playful paintings with wry observations of the ridiculous fashions worn by many Londoners (let's not forget "Duck's Arse").

More than anything, Daniel Frost's work always has a sense of fun, whimsy and joy. With silliness and sincerity in equal measure, Frost's illustrations bring any scene or setting to life.A winner of the Oberon award for his illustrated version of Gulliver’s Travels, Daniel has exhibited around the world and has worked for a list of clients, including Nike, The New York Times and Transport for London