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Green Spaces in East London and Beyond...

Posted on May 06 2016

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed in the hustle and bustle of the city sometimes. Everyone has those moments - on the tube at rush hour, manoeuvring through busy shopping streets - where you just crave a bit of peace and quiet. Perhaps a tree to lounge under or a pond to gaze at in contemplation. Of course you could always book yourself a lovely holiday in the lake district but it’s just as easy to find a pocket of tranquility in the city itself. There are hundreds of stunning parks and hidden nature reserves just on our doorstep.
Take Camely Street Natural Park, for instance. A beautiful and serene nature reserve in the middle of bustling King’s Cross provides a natural habitat for birds, butterflies, plant and pond life. Converted from and old coal yard back in 1984, this spot on the banks of Regents Canal hosts a range of habitats including pond, meadow and woodland as well as having a superb visitor centre as well as year-round activities for young and old alike. It’s a perfect spot to clear your head and find some calm in the middle of the hectic city surroundings.
Another favourite pocket of green is Bunhill Fields, found in Quiet London and located moments away from our premises, Bunhill Fields Burial Ground provides well-needed respite from the busy and congested offices, banks and businesses that surround it. It is also the resting place of numerous notable people including Daniel Defoe and William Blake. It is the perfect, peaceful little spot to sneak away to on your lunch break or between meetings and just have a quiet moment to yourself.