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Material Recommends: Etel Adnan at the Serpentine Gallery

Posted on June 07 2016

Etel Adnan is a Lebanon-born poet, essayist and visual artist and at the impressive age of 91 she has produce 20 new paintings for her first ever solo show in a UK public institution.
Adnan's work is a beautiful exploration of colour and shape, exploring memory and landscape in abstract forms. This exhibition displays not only her paintings, but also her work in video, woven tapestries inspired by the Persian rugs of her childhood and her wonderfully expressive leporello books, bursting with drawings and poetry. 
The world Etel Adnan creates is a world inspired by her native Beirut and her residence in California, an exuberant explosion of colour and forms that resemble mountain peaks, rivers and setting suns. The exhibition is the perfect accompaniment to a hazy summer's day stroll through Hyde Park.