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Vintage Treasures - Then and Now

Posted on October 25 2016

Nostalgia is a powerful thing! There's no other time in our lives quite like childhood for forming and shaping those memories of smells, sounds and objects that later on in life can illicit such a warm, fuzzy feeling of familiarity.

That's why we love kid's books! Because, let's be honest, they're not just for kids are they? And we especially love those special books that can be enjoyed by generation after generation. These days so many beautiful children's books from past decades are getting a new lease of life thanks to enthusiastic publishers' with an eye for great design.

Take Flying Eye for example and their reprinted versions of Dahlov Ipcar's beautifully illustrated stories. Another classic author and illustrator whose books seems to transcend generations is M. Sasek. His "This Is..." series exploring cities and countries from a child's eye view began with This Is Paris published in 1959 and finished with This Is Historic Britain in 1974. These fantastically fun and informative books have been updated to include current facts about the places they feature. For example, the tenth book in the series was originally entitled This Is Cape Canaveral, re-published as This Is Cape Kennedy and can be found today under the title This Is The Way to the Moon.           
There are books too that need no updating whatsoever because the message is so simple and universal. Fredun Shapur's approach to designing for children -  fun, inventive, and original - is what makes his books and toys as popular today as when they were first produced.