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Katie Scott's top three favourite books...

Posted on June 19 2016


Katie Scott is the hugely talented illustrator behind the amazing and award-winning book Animalium. A graduate of Brighton University, Katie crafts some of the most intricate and beautiful imagery we’d seen in a long time, inspired by Japanese medical illustration, alchemical drawings and the elaborate biological paintings of Ernst Haeckel. She has gone on to produce work for  The New York Times, Bombay Bicycle Club, Urban Outifitters, and  the  Norwegian Medical Association. Her work is incredibly detailed and beautifully rendered.


Ahead of the release of her latest book Botanicum in September 2017 – a collaboration with Big Picture Press and follow up to Animalium, written by Kew Garden's director of science, Kathy Willis – Katie shares three books from her own collection that inspire her work. 
Cacti and Succulents - W.Haage
This is a great reference book, I’ve owned it for about 6 years and use it regularly, both for my own cacti cultivation and reference for botanical illustration. It has lived out on my desk for the entire time I’ve owned it, because I’m so in love with the cover. 
Parallel Botany - Leo Lionni
Lionni’s artwork really strikes a chord with me. I was shown this book after doing some of my own fantastical botanical illustrations and felt instantly inferior. I love the softness of his world, there’s such a clear texture. I still haven’t given up on the idea of doing a similar book, one day. 

After Man, Zoology of the Future - Douglas Dixon 

 I couldn’t decide between this book and Lionni’s so i included both. I treasure this edition in particular, because it’s in Hebrew. There’s something much more mysterious about having it in the foreign alphabet, and reading backwards.

Botanicum comes out in September. Here are a few sneaky peaks to whet your appetite...