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SE Makers Showcase at MATERIAL

Posted on September 08 2017

This September. as part of the South East Makers Club and LDF2017, MATERIAL will be showcasing the work of selected creatives all based in the South East London area. The work on display will cover a range of disciplines.


Conpot are Alastair Mitchell and Kezia Regan, a South London lifestyle brand making homewares in our small Peckham studio.

Our aim is to harness the elegant minimalist form of concrete. With a dedication to provenance, quality and cra smanship, we con- tinue to explore the limitless potential of this versatile and inspiring material.

A er visiting quarries around the UK we have carefully sourced our aggregates, where possible using stone of British provenance. e aggregates we use are selected for their individual characteristics, including quality and complexity of colour.

Working in our studio, aggregate is mixed with high quality Portland cement to form the concrete used for our products. e planters are cra ed by hand in small batches, meaning no two are exactly the same. Following a four stage nishing process, which reveals the tonal di erences of the stone within, the planters are nished with a waterproof seal lasting 10 years.