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500 Hidden Secrets of Madrid



500 Hidden Secrets of Madrid is a welcoming guide to the city, written by Anna-Carin Nordin. Revealing 500 places and features that no one knows, such as the best 5of the nicest terraces to dine al fresco, the 5 best best bars for gin & tonic, and 5 shops for designer furniture.

Filled with places to visit, and information about key local figures who have shaped the Spanish capital. With a view to inspire and lead readers on their own adventure, 500 Hidden Secrets are the perfect guides to immersing yourself in the culture and city. These guides also contain numbered locations and maps.

Her career in the hospitality industry brought Anna-Carin Nordin to Madrid more than 15 years ago. She fell in love and settled in the city that sparkles her curiosity and passion for new discoveries and beautiful places. Neima Pidal is a Madrid based and internationally published lifestyle photographer. She is always looking for the beauty and the magic of the little things and the everyday moments.…………………………. 

By Anna-Carin Nordin
Paperback, 248 pages
130 x 180 mm