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Written by Patrick and Traci Concepcióneach

Alphabetics, by Patrick and Traci Concepcióneach, is not your average alphabet book. Combining tongue-tying alliteration with beautiful illustration. This fun, modern alphabet book appeals to design and language lovers alike. A future children's classic if you ask us!

Inspired by the authors own child, this alliterated alphabet will enthral children and adults alike with its amusing characters such as Ezra the eccentric eskimo or Orson the omnipotent octopus, as well as expand young minds and vocabularies. 

Patrick and Traci Concepcióneach are a married couple and Patrick is the founder of Conception Studios, a design studio based in California’s San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in graphics for the music industry. Clients range from Paul McCartney to Lady Gaga.


Hardcover, 64 pages

Size: 24 mm x 170 mm