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Herb Lester Map - A Glasgow Companion

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This pocket size travel guide to Glasgow will show travellers unusual things to see and do in the Scottish city. Glasgow is a city of charm, full of rolling parks, beautiful architecture, a burgeoning food and drink scene and a vibrant cultural side. The 49 interesting entries in this Herb Lester map include, an unchanged 1960s pub, The Doublet; art deco restaurant and oyster bar, Rogano; the excellent record shop, Monorail; and, a fish and chip shop where you will be hosted by an opera-singing proprietor.

Herb Lester's aim is to streamline travel guides and simply tell you how to enjoy your trip. With an aim is to show travellers unique destinations, hidden gems and obscure locations, as well as viewing well-known locations with fresh eyes. 

Through researching each city the old-fashioned way: asking friends, acquaintances, cab drivers and concierges for their tips and then walking, tasting, sipping, and peering into doorways and down alleys. Herb Lester are able to offer compact guides packed with the exciting promise of shops, bars, galleries, parks and museums! 


Designed by Brent Couchman for Herb Lester

A3 (297x420mm) folded to A6 (105x148mm)

Litho-printed in England on recycled paper