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Dick Bruna: My Vest is White


My Vest is White is a title from a series of books by the beloved Dutch author and illustrator Dick Bruna. Best known as author and illustrator of the Miffy books, My Vest is White is one of three compact and delightful picture books introducing shapes, colors, and numbers: I Can Count, My Vest Is White, and Round, Square, Triangle. Each one is illustrated in Bruna's inimitable style and teaches simple concepts. Early learners can see how shapes pop up in everyday objects; that every color is there in the clothes you wear; and how there are lots of things to count in everything you see.Well known for the 'Miffy' books, in this series Bruna incorporates colours, shapes, numbers and everyday objects in simple, bold designs which will engage early learners. The perfect gift for young children.
Born in Utrecht in 1927, Dick Bruna's bold designs are recognised worldwide. His books have been translated into over 40 languages.
By Dick Bruna
Hardback, 28pp
Size: 162 x 162 mm